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Final Goodbye
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Morlica Chantu Long
Morlica Chantu Long
October 09, 2008
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Dear friend, I’m gonna keep this flow short and simple/ Hoping the feeling is mutual cause/ Don’t get me wrong, I loved you more than you’ll ever know/ I wanted to be your ride or die till the day we both grew old/ But I’ve realized we just two different souls/ Set to travel two different roads/ So I gotta pay the toll/ Of giving you one last flow/ You see, you believe this and I believe that/ So I believe we must let go and never come back/ Believe me, I don’t wanna close the door/ But I don’t think we can go on like this no more/ We’re picture perfect, but the picture don’t fit the frame/ Our hearts are so similar, but put together, it ain’t the same/ We’re like a puzzle that’s almost complete/ Just one missing piece is all we need/ But no matter how long we search for it/ We’ll never be able to find it/ So believe me, it ain’t easy, I got tears right now and you ain’t here to wipe it/ You know everything you’ve wanted to pursue/ I’ve been one hundred percent behind it/ So I hope you’ll understand in life people gotta make sacrifices/ And do things that seem out of alignment/ But everything’s okay, you’ll be okay/ Just go your way and I’ll go my way/ Just keep living your life and I’ll keep living mine/ Forget what happened tonight, but remember our good times/ This will be my last words that you’ll hear one last time/ You’re probably feeling confused, but later on you’ll be fine/ I’m always gonna be me and you’re always gonna be you/ I’m always gonna wish you great things and that’s true/ But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do for the better/ Even though it clouds ya sky and creates terrible weather/ Just cherish what we had forever/ Not what we could have had together/ I’ll always love you/ But now I must end this letter/ Sincerely, Mo-c.
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