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John Paul Carroll
John Paul Carroll Circa 2008
September 28, 2008
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7:06 minutes
Story behind the song
Paranoia can be as debilitating as when the awful thing you fear the most actually happens.
Me On the surface you'll see A calm, cool and collected Facade of what i think i should be Beneath The cracks are running through the walls And im like chicken little Waiting for the sky to fall walk me through this every minute, second Help me make this all go away, Even so i never thought i'd wind up Living in fear of a day So help me ease on through this, Pretending everythings ok, Ease on through this, Just like it's any other day... Please, Refrain from humouring me, The harlequins been locked up, Wait for a chance of release, When the bomb drops, I'll say "I knew it all along" But when the day ends I'll admit i'm wrong, And i'll ease on through this Just like it's any other day.
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