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Hood Slide
A song about how I learned to hood slide so I could help the Duke boys run moonshine. All because I was trying to kick it with Daisy.
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Dave Fisher
September 24, 2008
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320 kbps bitrate
4:09 minutes
Story behind the song
I don't know very many country songs. I wrote this for my friend who was getting tired of me playing Dave Matthews, Sublime, Steve Miller etc at parties and such.
Sitting outside on th front porch I saw this girl in a white jeep I know what i saw thru my eyes looked like someone i'd like to meet I sat back everyday waiting to talk to this dixie girl I knew all along that she could really change my world One day she stopped we talked I said what your name She had a smile on her face she was on her game Oh she had a plan in mind She said I'm from hazard county My name is daisy duke You might know my brothers Bo and luke duke I said they sound familiar it rings a bell to me She said they drive a car called the general lee and they hood slide I said daisy what can i do to make you mine shes says my bros need some help running some moonshine I said I think i can do that I'll join that ride She said one thing first you got to learn to hood slide hood slidin' Hood slidin like bo like bo duke not luke duke hood slidin like bo duke in the general lee
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