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Low Infaux Voter
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George Potor plays guitar and sings lead vocal Joe DeCristopher plays guitars, bass, and does backup vocals
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George Potor
October 18, 2008
MP3 4.1 MB, 128 kbps, 4:29
Story behind the song
As the US Presidential Campaign slogs on, both parties mention their desire to reach out to what they euphemistically call the "low info voter." The level of discourse required to reach such folks has got to drive campaigning to the lowest of the low. Once again, DePotorhead utilized its patented Email-A-Track Recording System.
1 All the talk was the breaking news; Finally gathered the last of the clues, Found some folks, they were in plain sight; They gave 'em a name an' their own website. What they (It really doesn't interest me) Don't know (It really doesn't interest me) Helps them (It really doesn't interest me) Choose the President CHORUS: Low, low, low infaux (3x) Voter, voter 2 Make a list of shiny things Dangle them with shiny string Dress 'em up, comb their hair, Show their pictures everywhere Who would (It really doesn't interest me) Notice (It really doesn't interest me) Who could (It really doesn't interest me) Choose the President CHORUS 3 Take your pick, make your choice Ye Citizens, let's hear your lovely voice A change is a-comin' across the land Just ignore what ya don't understand Thirty (It really doesn't interest me) Percent (It really doesn't interest me) Blindly (It really doesnt interest me) Choose the President CHORUS
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