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He's Real
An energetic, rocked out song explaining how I know Jesus is real
Pop - Contemporary Christian
Previous peak charts position #462
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #86
Jay Roger Deaver
September 18, 2008
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4:00 minutes
Story behind the song
The Lord gave me the words to the chorus of this song along with the melody first...the rest of the song was built around it. I wrote it while driving a 18 wheeler by humming the music and lyrics into a digital voice recorder and later sequencing and recording it in my study.
So what you thinkin'/them thoughts that you have/have you ever seen a thought/do they taste good or bad/are they smooth to the touch/can you feel them at all/are they real? Them thoughts you're thinkin' you're eyes haven't seen--are they real? And what about wisdom? I'd sure like more of it/but you can't hang wisdom on a gallery wall/and if you can't quantify it, or touch it at all, is it real? That thing called wisdom, your eyes cannot see--is it real? Chorus: I can't see Him, with these eyes; Could not touch Him, if I tried; Never heared Him, with these ears, but in my heart I can feel Him, and I know that He's here/I know that He's real/ That thing called love/have you seen it at all/can you clasp it with your hands/have your ears heard its call/ does it smell like perfume/is it sweet to the taste/is it real?That thing called love your eyes cannot see--is it real? (Chorus) I reached the end of myself and I was broken/the weight of sin was pulling me down to my knees/I wasn't sure if Jesus was real but I was hopin'/I took a huge step of faith and now I believe (Chorus) End: And I know that I know that I know that He's real