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The Great Flood of '93
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Warren Wagner
© Warren J. Wagner 2001
November 13, 2003
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Story behind the song
I actually wrote this in 1998. The Missouri county I live in was 48% under water at the height of this flood, which cover 16000 square miles. At one point the Mississippi river near St. Louis was 7 miles wide.
The Great Flood of ’93 Well the water fell down and the water rose up Through the warmth of ’93 And it filled every space that was low in the ground Despite dyke dam or levee It splashed and it crashed and it crushed in its path Every thing that the people knew And it carried away like a child at play Their dreams and their memories too. Now the farmers had planted their crops in the soil As the thunder started to peal But their hope for a harvest was soon washed away As the water covered their fields. It spilled and then filled every space men had tilled As though it had made up its mind To make pristine what man had seen As his legacy proud and fine Along all the rivers throughout the Midwest The towns were struck with fear As the sandbags were filled while the levees gave way And the water climbed ever near It came and laid claim to space long ago drained Shouting what gives you the right To take what’s been mine for eons in time You can’t have it without a fight. And while the flood water ran over the earth 16000 square miles drowned 12 billion in damage the tally run up And 48 people brought down So wide was the tide that across side to side 7 miles it measured one day And too many tears to be counted were shed As it went along its way And yet we still build in the river’s domain Have we learned our lessons that well Or are we too proud to admit our defeat At the hands of this watery hell In time we’ll define the great rivers last line But as yet we’re too blind to see What this patient disaster should teach us all The Great flood of 93 The great flood of 93 The great flood of 93
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