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Bye Bye Remix
Will always love and remember my aunt Keang Long.
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Morlica Chantu Long
Morlica Chantu Long
September 05, 2008
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Story behind the song
True Story, Just Listen To The Words.
INTRO: This first verse right here, I wrote it on the day my aunt passed away But when I was writing it I thought she was still alive in the hospital And you know...This track is just something for yall to...you know... Just listen to, to let yall know how I felt that day... VERSE ONE: It's Monday July 21st, 2008/ My body's frozen, my heart's in pain/ I'm at Doctor's Medical Center/ My aunt's on the bed with tubes all in her/ I'm leaning on the wall/ Asking God why, why does she have a tumor?/ She doesn't even smoke, she doesn't even drink/ She's not out of shape, so how did this occur?/ My eyes were flooded with tears/ Its like Katrina to the heart when you hear/ That anytime your aunt's gonna disappear/ 5 months the most, not even a year to reside here?/ When it comes to religion, I don't even wanna fight/ So I respect buddha and Jesus christ/ But tonight I can't even find the correct words to write/ I just pray if there really is a God and heaven above the sky/ He'll take a moment to reconsider my aunt's life/ by picking a different date to show her the light... SECOND INTRO: My aunt, she passed away on July 23rd, 2008 And she passed away during surgery. The doctors were trying to remove her tumor, that she just found out a couple weeks before that and they said even after surgery, she'll probably only live till about November or December, maybe less, but she didn't make it. And now it's September 5th, 2008, and it's only been a little bit over a month, but it feels like forever and I know that the whole fam is missing her. I'm missing her. And I just wanna say that, you know, I'll never say bye and maybe she's in heaven or maybe she's been reincarnated, but no matter what she'll always be remembered. Rest in peace... VERSE TWO: The pain runs deep like a fresh cut onto my flesh/ Like 911 occuring over and over in my chest/ Upon my shoulders, I carry my suitcase of regret/ And on my mind, I pray her soul's really at rest/ It's three in the morning, I'm laying in cold sweat/ Can't sleep, just thinking bout her being six feet deep makes me weep/ I question if she's really up above in some kinda heavenly sky/ but if she is, I hope she's doing well and I'll never say goodbye/ VERSE THREE: Tupac once said through all the bullshit you gotta keep a sense of humor/ Thats why I held my head up high when I discovered my aunt had a tumor/ Miracales have happened, maybe she'll receive one too/ But I guess it was her time to bounce cause she was gone soon/ I know everythang will be all right eventually/ cause we get created and then some time we gotta leave/ For the time we still living, we must learn to heal spirtually/ In order to let the pain fly like a bird that's free... OUTRO: I know this track wasn't all that, but I spilled my heart on this one It was just difficult to complete it so this is all I got. If yall ever lost somebody, I hope yall can relate to this track. Just keep ya head up high, always think about that person and never forget them. Peace...