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Possession and Exorcism
Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #184
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #49
John Paul Carroll
John Paul Carroll Circa 2008
September 01, 2008
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5:55 minutes
Story behind the song
Leaving can be a physical act, leaving can be a state of mind, leaving can be both. Interpret this how you want; Let it mean what it will to you, because a song is not a possession as much as it is an event that punctuates one's life.
Second Chances i've had my fair share, But i never stood the first one, So i'm leaving here tomorrow, I treated this temple like an old abandoned house, Now it's turned into a graveyard, So i'm leaving here tomorrow, I'm breathing fire like it's fresh air too my lungs, I'm eating dirt like it's a banquet, I'm seeing visions of an angel in a front yard, And the power's disconnected, So i must be on my way, I'm leaving, I never wanted to stay, I'm leaving here tomorrow, I'm breathing the air, Of a thousand men before me, Who sleepwalked this corridor, So i'm leaving here tomorrow, I feel nostalgic in a funny kind of way, But i highly doubt you'll find me, Grieving here tomorrow, The walls are lonely must be why they're closing in, But i'm heading for the front door, And i'm leaving here tomorrow, If i stay I'll slowly make my way, To a corner of the basement, Where i'll slowly make my way, So i'm leaving here tomorrow...
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