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Fire In My Head
A song about a mesmerizing girl.
Rock - Classic Rock
Previous peak charts position #162
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #45
Dan Epp
1980-2003 Dan Epp
November 10, 2003
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Words & Music Copyright 1980-2003 Dan Epp Well It's beginning now Fire in My head I saw Here face tonight, I just can't think clear Eye's like a fires light, Lip's that look oh so right Growing much stronger now, Fire in My head Can't seem to move anymore, My legs have gone dead Watching Her move so slow, the lights start to dim Hair that flows perfectly right, Legs that begin to excite, Feel like I'm ready to drop, Fire in My Head. Strobe lights begin now to play on eyes, The music begins I know there's no place to run, She's coming so near Curves that were meant to behold, I need to know Her so, I need to know Her so... hello Fire In my Head Fire In my Head Fire In my Head Fire In my Head
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