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Cold Rain Water
The String Band from Hell just finished up a year-long gig in Dis, which is why my clothes smell like sulfer. Banjo, mandolin, djembe, fiddlesticks, stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, lap steel & vocal stylings. Note: Play this one very, very loud.
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Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes
August 20, 2008
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Cold Rain Water Sky so dark, and the red-winged blackbird is sitting on a wire trying to make it through-- bird on the wire in the cold rain water, cold rain water like a memory of you. Gotta get out 'cause I need some whiskey, need some whiskey just to make it through. There's nothing in the house but a red-winged blackbird, old black dog, and a picture of you Gonna make a list of the things I need-- I'll make a little list 'cause it's what I do. I'll make a little list, put it down on paper: 1) get some sleep, and 2) forget about you. August 2008
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