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Grown Up World
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Axella Johannesson
Axella Johannesson
April 23, 2009
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Another phone call, you’ve got nothing to do The world doesn’t do enough to entertain you You’re sick of Game Boy and the chat room’s dead You’re so damned bored you’re going out of your head Can’t find any titties on cable TV So you’re flirting outside with a girl of 14 You say that for you, I’m the only one But I don’t want to raise your mother’s son I want a man, not a boy A man doesn’t play with little boys’ toys Real men don’t go chasing teenage girls In the grown-up world Once you thought you met the love of your life You imagined one day that you’d be man and wife You had a lot in common and you sure had fun But something about her didn’t please your mum. So it’s a no-brainer why your folks have not met me Your dad’s found a girl that he’d like you to meet Still under Daddy’s thumb at 32, And you’re still afraid to tell him that you got a tattoo. I want a man, not a boy A man doesn’t let mummy dictate his choice A real man doesn’t let daddy pick his girl In the grown up world You screen your calls coz you don’t pay your bills All your money’s been spent Most of it goes right up your nose till there’s nothing left for the rent Well, your mom drops in, to see what you’re up to, She fills your fridge and pantry, and leaves money for you By the time she’s gone, your laundry’s all clean, Her boy will never need to use a washing machine Now your music’s up loud, the words cut like a knife How women are all b*** es who just ruin your life Well, when it comes to women you haven’t got a clue And you’re long past the time where your charm could get you through I need a man, not a boy Not a boy, who listens to misogynistic heavy metal noise I want a man, not a boy Not a boy, who whines about doing anything I enjoy I need a man, not a boy So it’s time to look for someone else that you can annoy I need a man who can love someone else Besides himself