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An exciting and adventurous intro track.
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Electronic - Tribal
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Jon Davis
Jonathan Davis
August 16, 2008
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1:53 minutes
Story behind the song
I came up with the melody (and the name) of this song while tinkering with the Gemli patch in the Texture VSTi from UgoAudio.com. Any time a melody pops into my head I try to capture it, and then I often get impatient and build a song around it instead of let it sit there and be available for my arsenel later or something .. Anyway, in one place for a split second I "heard" in what I recorded a reminder of Bjorn Lynn's "The Forbidden Desert"; I wasn't about to even try to come anywhere near the depth, detail, and enginuity of that song, I was just reminded of it from one tiny audible detail. And one thing that stood out in Bjorn's song was the presence of profound percussion. I just happened to have in my arsenal, in East West / Quantum Leap's Colossus / Goliath, an industry-overused percussion track / beat track that I always loved (but I knew I shouldn't because it was already overused elsewhere) and always wanted to use but always knew I shouldn't because that's so cheap. Yeah, using prefab'd beats is really cheap in my opinion, I personally don't favor the idea of beat exchanges. One should be versatile enough as a musician to come up with his own beats and percussion tracks. On the other hand, I am a shameless user of ezDrummer .. *sigh* The problem is that after I just gave this percussion track a shot to live around this melody to see what it sounded like, I really liked its synchronized syncopation, as well as the mood it set, like, "Here we go, on a great adventure!! .. Wow it's so exciting!!" Even so, I really wanted to replace it outright, possibly make it a bit more subtle, but definitely make it my own percussion track and not an overused prefab one. Sadly, it hurt too much to even try to replace a wonderful prefab with a not-so-wonderful home grown attempt. The final mix is the sole goal, even if at the cost of honor. Photo source: http://bvcastilho3d.deviantart.com/art/Night-flight-87348595
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