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In your Own Time
Album - $4.00
recorded live at The Royal Oak Festival, Bath. July '08
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
James Hollingsworth
James Hollingsworth
August 08, 2008
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In your own Time February 2003 I went down to the place I used to live And it had far more space than I recall The woman who lived there now had a Grand Piano It's funny how thing s can change inside your mind And that's all that remains, of the reason why Seven years passed by... I'd been living there far too long to say When I left I'd no more games to play Well, and I sing 'Hallelujah'! No reason born, the fading light to gray No true life will deliver, No War of the Mind No War, look behind. I went down to the place that's said to be An urban life that's right for you and me Amazing what with Modern Technology We're running round so fast the eye can hardly see But we can hardly sustain that If we take take take then the Earth can only change, yeah There's reasons why there's so many eyes to see And if we turn from power to local honesty Who's under illusions? With all this moral relativity... No wave can be an island, No War, stay the hand No War ungrind the sand You've seen it reap and sow Now's the time, ain't that what everyone should know? In your... In your own time In your... In your own time, In your own time
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