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Moon Surfing
If the moon only had oceans that we could surf ...
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Electronic - Mellow
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Jon Davis
Jonathan Davis
August 06, 2008
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2:56 minutes
Story behind the song
I immediately fell in love with the "Moon Ray" patch on the Sytrus VSTi instrument as I pounded a few notes on the keyboard, as what came out was essentially what you hear. I scrambled to capture the musical idea and then add a little bit of complementing textures and "tubs of water" percussion and a really subtle hip hop groove. Then in the bridge I sought out to find a lead synth sound that sounded like it was literally singing to us, as in like a human vocal, and I found an almost perfect patch in the UgoAudio.com Rez 1.3 VSTi instrument to play the role. At this point the song was a little over a minute long and I literally sat on it for well over a year and a half trying to think of new directions to go with it before I finally decided to just throw in "more of the same" and enjoy the satisfaction of calling it done even though it didn't have nearly as much meat as I wanted to add. Image source: Original source (which was used here) unknown; colorized copy found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/appleseed505/2293550191/
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