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Much Hipmonk
It's my very own dancing religious rodent!
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Jon Davis
Jonathan Davis
August 06, 2008
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3:12 minutes
Story behind the song
This song started with the lead string-sounding synth melody that starts the song (after all the yeeaaahhh's). I was playing with my VSTi's and a patch and melody sounded good together so I decided to capture it and see if I could create a song around it. Next came an intro. The synthy melody sounded somehow Asian. I had this silly Delay Lama toy VSTi and, for whatever reason, I kept visualizing a cheesy, Hollywood-esque temple for a Far Eastern religion with some monk moaning about nothing. (I kept recalling Jim Carrey singing, "Aaaaaaaaaaallrrriiighty, then!!") The name is a two-way pun, and the thumbnail image represents the pun. It is "much hip", or quite hip, and it has a monk-sounding thing going on in it. And, put the words together, and it sounds like "my chipmonk". An appropriate connotation, I thought, with all the emphasis of the upper registers of the audio spectrum. It has a cool groove to it, I like it, but there are a few regrets: the snare sounds like hiss, the sound isn't fully filled out (mostly highs and the mid-lows of the bass line), and the chord progression is tiring with no break or deviation. But this is the first complete song I ever created since A Tribute to the 1990s, and I've picked up a few of these production skills since Much Hipmonk was created. Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/luketrash/17058280/
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