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Alternative - Alternative General
Previous peak charts position #304
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Martin Kleinberg,/Dmitriy Krasnov
2008 beatlebangboy music
August 05, 2008
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3:16 minutes
Story behind the song
I wrote it while I was depressed
DEPRESSION IS LIKE A CHEAP SUIT By Martin Kleinberg (verse 1) If I were suicidal, I’d be dead by now If you made me nervous, you’d see sweat on my brow If there was something to live for, rest assured I’d live If you trespass on me, I guess I’d be quick to forgive (verse 2) When this ol’ world gets me down, all I can do is sink When everyone gets on my case, all I can do is drink When I hate everyone I love, when I’m about to snap When the shit hit’s the fan, I get covered with crap (chorus) Depression is like a cheap suit But I can’t take it off Sure as hate is absolute You can’t write it off (verse 3) When everybody’s happy, I crawl into my cave When they ask for charity, I take back what I gave When the sun is shining bright, dark is all I see When anybody questions, I say it’s just me (bridge) Just can’t shake it, wish I could It goes away, but not for good Just can’t shake it, all is black It goes away, then it comes back If I were suicidal, I’d be dead by now If I were suicidal……………. Co. 2008 by Martin Kleinberg