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Mad at the World
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Bobby Cosgrove
August 03, 2008
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Didn’t mean to call/ but I called her She answered the phone/ I said, “it’s me for sure” She said, “why, why me, why you” I said, “I can’t control/ what I do (and you know) I’m mad Familiar smells/ in the air Normally I don’t/ even care But not today/ I think I’m a wolf To Little Red Riding Hood’s/ I’m on the hoof (and maybe) I’m mad Knocked on her door/ I said, “let me in” She said, “okay/ but you gotta shave your chin” I said, “oh my/ my, my, my, my I will huff & puff/ until you’re satisfied (by the way) I’m mad She said, “I was/ a little presumptuous I said, “oh yeah/ you look so sumptuous She said, “get lost/ I’ll call 911” That’ll put an end/ to your fun (and I was) Mad A little later on/ I returned to the scene Just to hear again/ the sound of her screams To my surprise/ there was no one home Her neighbor said, “she left/ with Mr. Chrome Dome” (and I was) Mad
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