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When There Is One
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Inspirational ballad, piano-vocal only
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Acoustic - Acoustic Piano
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Capers Simmons
March 03, 2011
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Story behind the song
Written for a local contest
“When There Is One” Capers Simmons VERSE I Kingdoms, empires, armies on the ground: They seem so strong, like it won't be long Before they're gonna wear you down. But one boy, or one girl, with a heart that won't be moved Can stand that tide, won't be denied, So imagine what could happen with two. CHORUS I When there is one, there is an army. When there are two, you're on your way. When there are three or forty thousand more the world can't help but change. But when they are gone, and the empire's empty, If its only you and I alone, We can win the fight, there's an army at your side When there is one. VERSE II Treadmills with dollar bills hanging just out of reach on a line In a world this cold you can sell your soul, But the one thing you can't own is time: Moments promised to the ones in greatest need And the difference you make no one can take From the hands that have received. ~ CHORUS I ~ CHORUS II When there is one, there is a reason A reason to reach out for the sky When there is hope there's trust, and the best in us is brought into the light When we are gone from the land of the living, And all that we leave are the deeds we've done, We will have changed the world with the good things we have shared When there is one. ~ CHORUS I ~ We can change the world with the good things that we share When there is one.
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