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Perhaps Love_John Denver Tribute (Kurt and Tammy)
A Tribute to John Denver, We miss you John. Special Thanks to Tammy Swindell for her beautiful harmonies, strings and production. Rights acquired from the Harry Fox Agence @ sonfile.com
Acoustic - Cover Songs
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Kurt Lewis Neufer
2008 Kurt Lewis Neufer/Tammy Swindell
July 20, 2008
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Story behind the song
This is one of the many John Denver classics, he created so many wonderful songs, that it is difficult to pick just one favorite.... ABOUT JOHN DENVER - He was Singer, Songwriter and Actor. Born: December 31, 1943 in Roswell, New Mexico. He died on 12 October 1997 in an airplane crash.
G Em Perhaps love is like a resting place C D A shelter from the storm G Em It exists to give you comfort C D It's there to keep you warm Bm Em And in those times of trouble C D When you are most alone C D The memory of love will bring you home G Em Perhaps love is like a window C D Perhaps an open door G Em It invites you to come closer C D It wants to show you more Bm Em And even if you lose yourself C D And don't know what to do C D G The memory of love will see you through Bm Em Oh ! Love to some is like a cloud C D G To some as strong as steel Bm Em For some a way of living C D G For some a way to feel Bm Em And some say love is holding on C D G And some say letting go Bm Em And some say love is everything C D Some say they don't know G Em Perhaps love is like the ocean C D Full of conflicts, full of change G Em Like a fire when it's cold outside C D Thunder when it rains Bm Em If I should live forever C D And all my dreams come true C D G My memories of love will be of you
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