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John Paul Carroll
John Paul Carroll Circa 2008
July 09, 2008
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Even though i know im safe, Even though there's nothing there, Seems to me there's something keeping an eye on me, Waiting for me to trip, Wedge a spear into side Stand above me to watch the life drain from my eyes, And the birds know, They watch it all, They talk among themselves, waiting for me, To turn my back, On this path, That i make my way back to you, But it's it like leaving bread crumbs trying to find my way, Clinging to the voice telling me everythings okay, But if i ever find that you might wind up taking part in my disease, I would let the birds come and take these crumbs from me. And now i'm further in, Deep into the woods, Finding comfort in Anonymity It's still got my scent, And every step i take I feel it's breath on my neck, Bearing down on me And the birds Know But they dont care They got their free meal, They got their share, Even as i scream As this thing changes me The birds are all witness That this beast is a part of me I will find my way, i will fight my pain, i will find my way, find my way... I would let the birds come... for me...
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