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Rumplestiltzkin: Dead at 95
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An interesting take on a childrens' tale, told from an adult perspective
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Z. Mulls
June 20, 2008
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Story behind the song
This started out as a joke. On a "creative writing" board, someone left the title "Rumplestiltzkin: Dead at 95" as a writing challenge. I wrote a quick response to it and it got interesting. It's not the most elegant of lyrics, but the bridge really slays me. I passed this on to Darryl Gregory of Blue Cave Studios to take my melody and chord progressions and he got vocalist Lisa Murray to record it.
The coffin, as you'd guess, was small It didn't take much wood at all The tiny body cleaned and simply clad At the gravesite stood the prince With unfamiliar diffidence To pay respects to the father he never had (Chorus) They closed his withered jaw His story finally told They packed his grave with straw Bought with the last of his gold And they say all he wanted was a son While he was still alive Rumplestiltzkin -- Dead at 95 The Queen told the Prince not to go The Prince told her ‘I had to know Who was the man who wanted me as a child I would have learned a useful trade Not lived this palace promenade With chaperones and guards who never smiled.” The Queen turned to face the wall Said, “You don’t understand at all I was so young and had no place to turn. I took advantage of his spell And told the lies I had to tell You’ve no idea what life will make you learn.” (Chorus) (bridge) Nobody pays All of their debts Everyone dies With several regrets The dwarf and the queen And everyone in between The letter "R" was on the tomb The carver said there wasn't room And noone knew just how to spell the name The Prince looked on his would-be kin He mourned the man he might have been And cursed the man he finally became (Chorus)
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