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Christmas Ain't Christmas - Chris Gill
CHRIS GILL - Truro, Nova Scotia
Pop - Christmas/Seasonal
Previous peak charts position #206
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #17
Chris Gill
June 12, 2008
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Story behind the song
CHRIS GILL - Truro, Nova Scotia Chris is also currently working on some new Christmas songs and he's in the studio with a 22 piece orchestra. One will reallly tug on the heartstring and the other is huge "giving" song like "We Are The World" When these are completed he will forward them on to us also. If you need any more information, you can go to his myspace site... www.myspace.com/chrisgilltellmehow or his web site @ www.chrisgill.ca Chris Gill is looking forward to hearing back from you all, send him a line and give him an add too. HERE'S SOME ADDITIONAL INFO FROM HIS MYSPACE SITE: Chris Gill is a native of Corner Brook, Newfoundland, but currently resides in Truro, Nova Scotia. He has been playing and writing music since the age of 9, and started playing the local clubs and Legions at age 13. Originally a drummer in numerous bands, he then became involved in vocals, and finally became the lead singer. He also started his song writing at this time. In his late teenage years he wrote and recorded 4 vinyl single releases to radio across Canada, which received considerable airplay and this encouraged him to continue with writing original compositions. Chris has continued with his song writing and recording throughout the years while gaining his commercial helicopter pilots license, running his own graphic design company and gaining a black belt in Martial Arts. However, music was always his passion and he continues to return to this first love, and this is where he feels most at home and content. Throughout the 90's he released another three songs to radio through compilation CD's and independant releases. His songwriting talents have been recognized by Joan Besen of Prairie Oyster, when they shared a stage in a songwriters circle at the CCMA's in Calgary. USA Billboard magazine honored him with an achievement award in their international songwriting competition. Chris has also been a three time semi-finalist in the annual "Startrax" competition and a regional "Project Discovery" semi-finalist. Both competitions are for original music. Chris's latest focus has been his debut CD, "Tell Me How". The 14 song CD has taken the better part of two years to complete and even as he was in the process of recording, his creative song writing added another 2 songs to the original 12 favorites he had already picked! Chris had a hand in all aspects of producing this CD, from writing all the 14 tracks himself, to arranging the music, mixing and doing the CD graphics and design work. He is also proud to say that this project is a testament to our talented Canadian musicians 100%. Chris has spent over 20 years in the music business and he is no less passionate about his music now, as he was back then. Wherever he is, guitar, pen and paper are never far away, as music is in his heart and soul and always will be.
CHRIS GILL - Truro, Nova Scotia
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