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Queen of Multitasking
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A silly little lyric about doing too much, dedicated to all my lady friends in the workforce
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Z. Mulls
June 10, 2008
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Story behind the song
This was an exercise in rhyming and cleverness, little else. A friend of mine called herself the Queen of Multitasking, and I asked her if I could use that title. The rhyme scheme is downright weird. It's ABACBCDE FGFHGHDE It was fun to put together. I wrote the chords and melody for this one, but had to go to a studio to get it done. The recording was done at Blue Cave Studios in CT. That's Darryl Gregory playing and Lisa Murray singing.
(v1) I woke up in the morning And the 8-year-old was screaming So I let him have a warning While I called my secretary And the iron started steaming And my gams were looking hairy So I pressed my husband's chinos While I shaved my legs I kissed my husband, off he Went And then I ground the beans to Percolate the morning coffee And I packed a couple lunches And I somehow had the means to Fry the sausages in bunches And I fed my two bambinos While I ate my eggs I don't need help Thanks for asking I'm the Queen of Multitasking (v2) The traffic jam was crawling So I read a couple memos And the news was too apalling So I booted my computer And I edited the demos And cut off a motor scooter When I turned my little Geo Down a one-way street I hollered out a greeting And the message light was blinking And I held a status meeting And I fired my secretary And the finance team was thinking That it wasn't necessary To go flying down to Rio For the staff retreat I don't need help Thanks for asking I'm the Queen of Multitasking (bridge) Some say it’s hard to keep each ball in the air The difficulty’s overrated No chance I’ll let them drop and fall in my chair If I stay highly caffeinated (v3) I pumped some iron while I was casually reading Through some resumes on file To replace my secretary Then I had to start the meeting And I conferenced Buenos Aires With the team in Sacramento On the naval base I did the presentation And approved a couple logos Then I made a reservation For a charitable luncheon Then I listened to The Go-Gos While I did some number crunching And I ordered up polenta From the Spanish place I don't need help Thanks for asking I'm the Queen of Multitasking
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