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The Mountain Top (Kurt and Tammy)
A story about a special place...
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Kurt Lewis Neufer/Tammy Swindell
2008 Kurt Lewis Neufer
June 09, 2008
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2:57 minutes
Story behind the song
A Kurt Lewis Neufer and Tammy Swindell Production. Music: Vocal, Strings, french horn, drums and bass by Tammy Swindell. Thank you Tammy. Vocal, 12 string guitar, 6 string lead guitar Kurt Lewis Neufer
High atop the mountain, I can see the valley far below, When life is troubling me, it’s a special place go, I can think more clearly, when I get to this place, It is so peaceful here, oh how I’d like to stay, The Mountain top’s my special place When I was four years old, I used to come up with my pap, We’d climb to the mountain top, I would sit there upon his lap, He would tell me tales of old as I bounced on his knee, Oh how I miss you Pap, those are fond memories, The Mountain top’s my special place I now have my own grandson, I soon will to bring him here, We’ll climb to the mountain top and smell this fresh clean air, I’ll set him on upon my knee, and tell him bout my Pap, About the stories he told as I sat on his lap, The Mountain top’s my special place. High atop the mountain, I can see the valley far below...
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