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Psychedelic Guitar Odyssey
Sizzling string bends and ethereal sounds in a cosmic kind of mood. Effervescent segue at end.
Rock - Cover Songs
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WWLaidback & Mystery Guest Guitarist
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May 29, 2008
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Story behind the song
This song was composed by me and played by professional lead guitarist Jim Duckworth of Charlotte, NC who recently passed away. I'm backing on rythym guitar with a Carvin AE-185 thin line. Jim could play any style of music, and I was most impressed by his work on one of the late night Charlotte television stations where he played psychedelic music with visual effects. I thought Jim was perfect for the job. The style for this recording is in the early 70s Hendixesque category with effects. Many of us agree that Jim (playing his stratocaster) sounds like like Frank Marino, the lead guitarist for Mohagany Rush. Segue is reminiscent of "Hard Days Night" by the Beetles mingled with a bit of "Sea of Joy" by Eric Clapton. I hope you enjoy the song as a tribute. Rest in Peace Jim.
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