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Holy Spirit
Upbeat pop/rock. A synopsis of what went wrong in Genesis 3, and how well it was fixed on the Day of Pentecost.
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Pop - Contemporary Christian
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Richard Hackley. ASCAP
1994 by Richard C. Hackley
May 27, 2008
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(v.1) In the beginning God had a plan He'd walk and talk in harmony with man But man cut the lines between God and himself So God's plan was put on the shelf Until Jesus Christ repaid the loss, And the something big happened on Pentecost. (chorus) Holy spirit given back to man. God's revival of his plan. Communications has been restored. That spirit inside you ... that's what it's for. Holy spirit making us complete. Pentecost reversed the Genesis defeat. (bridge 1) Holy spirit is priceless, a treasure in an earthen shell. Holy spirit is thorough, filling up every cell. (v.2) In Genesis 3, when things fell apart, You know it must have broken God's heart. Because now He faced centuries Of speaking to man very sparingly. But Jesus Christ re-spliced the lines. And we can talk to God now anytime. (chorus) (bridge 2) Holy spirit is powerful, the way God meant us to be. Holy spirit is flawless, teaching us to pray perfectly.