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Short Circuit City 2000 (revisited)
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Updated version of a song I wrote for the band Pursuit in 1977. Redone for my 2000 album and included on my 2001 album.
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Gerry Godin
May 22, 2008
MP3 3.8 MB, 128 kbps, 4:08
Story behind the song
Just an updated version of one of my older songs from the band Pursuit. I wrote this song while building the recording studio for the band in 1977. I had just bought a new "Jet Cone" Frigidaire washing machine and that supplied the beat. Carlos Santana got numerous awards for a very similar song "Smooth" and I wonder if he had a Frigidaire? Funny thing is I was all solid state when writing this updated version, and since I've acquired a new amp which is a tube amp. It's "Transistors and Tubes" once again.
I still live in a short circuit city,just transistors no tubes,I'm just one lonely musician,but I'll sing you the blues,still have my ups and my downs,but still ya see I'm makin' my sound,and I still care,care about you,and how ya live and what you do,who cares about your life in the city,who cares about you and me,I'm on my own now,still tryin' to be free,ya free,ya free, ya I gotta' be free,still see pressure all around us,that hasn't changed at all,It's been twenty years on that ladder of life,I've seen and done it all, just live your life and play your parts,just do whats in your heart,I still care,care about you,and who you are and what you do,who cares about your life,who cares about you and me,your on your own now,just keep tryin' to be free,ya free,ya free,ya you gotta' be free,be free
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