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Welcome Back Hip Hop
A song welcoming back hip hop from the depths it has been falling into in the mainstream recently. It's still alive and well.
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HipHop - Hip Hop General
Previous peak charts position #1,630
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #880
Ci (Lyrics), Kemo (Producer)
Xperimental Records
May 21, 2008
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4:16 minutes
Story behind the song
I felt like I needed to write a song that matched the way I have been feeling recently. I've been listening to a lot of hip hop recently and despite what a lot of people have been saying, Hip hop is still alive and well.
[Verse 1] From the top we gon' take it There's no option to fail, No matter what my people gon' make it And to the people, this song I dedicate this Without them I wouldn't be able to say this I'ma try to stay a beacon like Mavis The type to never stray off, take off on occasion It's amazing the way I lay it down For now you can sit back and relax with the sound The maestro's gon' take you 'round town On a note made from hearts from the land of the crowns But before I put my hands on the crown I'll write a letter to the fans saying thanks for the sound You gotta shine, stand out in the crowd Make a name, have a voice, be a flash in the dark I'll never leave 'cause there's work to be done Hip-hop's never gone, it's only just begun [Chorus 4X] Welcome back Hip-hop, can you feel the nostalgia? [Verse 2] From the top we gon' take it Once again I'm giving you lyrical content (yeah) when I say this No I'll never back down, I'll never cave in For the long haul now is what I'll stay in This is a mandatae for lyricists hear me? To send a message loud to the industry clearly I'm about to give a bill to these whack niggas yearly And give the real niggas dues without the suits interfering You hear me? I know the lyrics are searing But the truth hurts only when the lies are so sweetening So peep me and the realness I'm seeping And you can understand why I'm keeping these feelings The music that you hear is just a wolf in some sheep skin Waiting patiently for your ears to just listen I'll never leave 'cause there's work to be done Hip-hop's never gone, it's only just begun [Chorus 4X]
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