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Free Beer Tonight
FREE BEER TONIGHT - is the name of a song ---and the name of a band in Myrtle Beach.
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Jimmie Vestal
Copyright © Jimmie Vestal
May 11, 2008
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Story behind the song
I have a musician friend in Surfside, South Carolina, near Myrtle Beach. He is putting together a band. Another musician suggested that he uses a band name that will just about guarantee people wanting to see them, even if no one has ever heard of them before. Imagine this scene … cars are slowing down in front of a place where his band is playing. Outside the venue is a big sign that spells out the name of the band … FREE BEER TONIGHT. Police will be called in to control the traffic! There will be no parking spaces. The line, to get in, will go on for blocks and blocks. It just might be that the establishment IS serving free beer for their premier performance. There would be a similar occurrence if this sign was attached to the outside of venue in your city. This song can be heard on 35,000 TouchTunes digital jukebxes and will also be on Rowe and Rock-Ola.
FREE BEER TONIGHT Words and Music by JIMMIE VESTAL I live at Myrtle Beach – and I wanted to start a band So I came up with a name – that most will understand When you drive by a place – where my band delights A big sign outside will say – FREE BEER TONIGHT. (CHORUS): FREE BEER TONIGHT – FREE BEER TONIGHT Come on in – FREE BEER TONIGHT. This name should draw them in – to all passing by Except for the church crowd – that remains dry To many of these folks – alcohol’s a sin This can become that way – by drinking again and again. So I will say – church people need a truce On one occasion – they drink wine – or grape juice If within themselves – they can’t make a decision My band’s name is no factor – in causing more division. REPEAT CHORUS GUITAR BREAK Here at Myrtle Beach – we have all kinds of bands Some play inside – and some play on sand At some places we play – our name is up in lights Cars passing by – read – FREE BEER TONIGHT. REPEAT CHORUS GUITAR BREAK REPEAT CHORUS Copyright © 2008 Jimmie Vestal Sand and Palms Music (BMI)