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recorded at 'les Santier hes Halls' avec ma bonne amie Lana Wong
Single - $0.75
Album - $8.00
Urban - Funk
Previous peak charts position #167
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #10
Ben Stack/ Ben Stack
PRS London/Riversound Productions
May 09, 2008
MP3 3.2 MB
128 kbps bitrate
3:26 minutes
Story behind the song
Firstly i like to thank my dear friend Lana Wong for doing harmonies on this song. The poor girl I dragged her into all kinds of emotional places that nobody, much less LANA, has any reason going - unless you're trying to exercise some daemon that torments you - such is my association with this song - "it's a song I can hear playing right in my ear That I know will haunts me -but I can' help listening" Well - that a tough one. I suppose in this bizzar world we live in, we all cross paths with people or 'things' we have no business going near -but we usually do, don't we? Sherlie, which for reason of discretion, is not her real name. She had a couple of years on my and was, I believe, in my sisters form in school. Cocaine was not really the drug, but it really doesn't matter - she took a wrong turn on her journey "Into th Mystic" and decided it wasn't worth coming back. She is missed.
"And Lord it isn't easy When it's love you're trying to share And you find out inn the long run It was never really there"