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Benedict Arnold's Good Leg
A rousing anthem about the virtues of Benedict Arnold's leg.
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jake monnin
October 27, 2003
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Story behind the song
Wrongly accoused of being a complete sell-out, this song praises the brave leg of Benedict Arnold -- without which we would all have bad teeth and be speaking the King's English.
there's a shrine, on a lonely hill side but the shrine is not a grave! no, the shrine, on the lonely hill side is to Benedict Arnold's leg! One Good Leg! 2x put your ear to the ground, hear the sound of Benedict Arnold's...leg! on the grounds, at Saratoga, New York it was destiny they say shining bright, cast in a golden light Benedict's leg led the way! One Good Leg! The Republic Saved! put your ear to the ground, hear the sound of Benedict's famous leg...