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Jesus and Jesus (read: Hey-sus)
Inspired by Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, where most of us get our news, this song juxtaposes our devotion to our chosen deity with our treatment of our neighbor to the south.
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
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Lisa Rogers
Lisa Rogers
May 07, 2008
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Story behind the song
See above.
Who'll change the sheets in your hotel room, clean your house, mow your lawn What would we do if one day all the Mexicans suddenly were gone Needless to say we need someone to pay to do stuff that's beneath us to do Don't tell La Migra, que todos nosotros somos migrantes, too He picks the grapes, we drink the juice We give thanks to Jesus, pero no a Jesús [but not to Jesús] Who's making a killing with so many willing to give up their families and home We'll never invest in their country, I suggest I, too, would be tempted to roam Who really wants to unscramble the eggs laid by the golden goose We love our Lord Jesus, but we don't know what to do with Jesús He picks the grapes, we drink the juice We feast at the table, waited on by Jesús. Y su esposa, Maria, y su padre, José They do twice the jobs for half of the pay The bill died in the Senate like some migrant in the dirt It's easy to see the hotel industry are the ones who would really be hurt If we legalized the influx and thus reduced the flow Of those disposable people who make our economy grow He picks the grapes, we bless the juice The blood of Jesus, from the sweat of Jesús He picks the grapes, and all our produce Demos gracias a Jesus, y a la familia de Jesús
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