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The Wind Cries Larry
Parody of The Wind Cries Mary by Hendrix
Single - $0.75
Album - $8.00
Podcasts - Comedy - On Stage
Previous peak charts position #23
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #1
Parody lyrics by Jon Kinyon
May 07, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
3:41 minutes
Story behind the song
A homeless man surveys his surroundings, revealing his pessimism on love/marriage, his distrust of the police and his belief that nature is ultimately out to do him in.
THE WIND CRIES LARRY After all the tramps are in their boxes and the crowds have all gone to bed. You can hear transvestites haggling on Downing Street Halfwits pressed for bread... and the wind cries Larry. A groom is wearily heaping up the broken pieces of wedding day strife. Somewhere a queen is bleeding somewhere a king hides his knife... and the wind whispers Larry. The traffic cops they turn on you tomorrow and bring their nothingness down on your head. The traffic island sinks on down in the sea ‘cuz the life they live is lead... and the wind screams Larry. Will the wind ever discover the pain it has sown in the past? And in it’s clutch, it’s full rage and it’s redrum it's whispers know this will be a blast... and the wind cries Larry.
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