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Come On By
A gentle 'semi-acoustic' track
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
Previous peak charts position #239
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #39
Brian Ralston
April 06, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
6:11 minutes
Story behind the song
I often drive past an area where there are a lot of home units. Most afternoons, out the front of one of these blocks of home units, an old man sits on a plastic chair in a concrete courtyard, just watching the cars pass by. I've always wondered his story, so decided to write it for him.
COME ON BY It was autumn '53 when I first saw her, I'd swapped Korean khaki for civilian threads She was somehow captivating, beguiling, fascinating Yet perhaps not one who'd readily turn heads I always took the same train every evening, trying to find the words to break the ice Though I'd practice every night time, still couldn't find the right lines But I'm sure I felt my lips move once or twice And I always kept myself some steps behind her As I followed her to her house every day And I never once suspected, that my quest had been detected Till that night she turned to me to say Come on by, come on by, Come and sit down, have a chat, rest for a while Come on by, come on by, Come and keep me company, make me smile We loved and married but we had no children, something there just never worked out right And though we struggled through that setback, some nights were dark as coal black And we hugged each other till the morning's light In ’93 I thought my world had ended, as they carried her into the nursing home For five years I brought fresh flowers, combed her hair, stayed after-hours Then left to face the darkness on my own But each night as the time came for me leaving Before I made that slow trek to the door I caught a little crinkled smile, just a twinkle in her eye, That echoed words she'd said those years before (Repeat Chorus) Now the folks from "meals-on wheels" have now departed, on the sink an empty dish sits all alone I pick up my plastic chair, stumble slowly down the stairs To the only place that I can feel at home And the concrete units tower all around me As I watch the passing metal cavalcade Through the dusty petrol haze, I catch a fleeting passing wave And I mouth the words I long to say Repeat Chorus x2
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