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Deception. Husband cheats on wife-Wife cheats on Husband- Both try hard to not let the other know it's happening.
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Paul Janowski
Paul Janowski 2008
April 05, 2008
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Story behind the song
"Hogarth lyric" ' ..the ring is just a band of gold' used with kind permission from Marillion and Steve Hogarth, C/O Lucy Jordache, Marketing and Communications Director of Marillion.
-Hiding in the shadows, deception rules the game See him sneaking out a motel door Turns around and smiles once more Takes his keys and drives away In his denial, he says, "It's OK." -Lurking in the shadows, all the games that are played See her leave the house with her phone Looks around there's no one there she's all alone Leaves her ring in the tray There's no denial she's says,"It's all OK." - A flower can't grow in a shadow - Eyes can be deceived and fooled in a shadow -The mind sees what it wants to see. No hearts to break No gifts from a shop No trust to earn again No way they'll make it stop - Like a Hogarth lyric, "...the ring IS just a band of gold." Lying in the darkness with open eyes Neither knows the other's lies Off to sleep the shadows play Close the book- tomorrow is another day...... - A flower can't grow in a shadow - Eyes can be fooled and deceived in a shadow - See what the mind wants to see -...it won't go away...
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