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Drive Straight Home
This song proves that your car can get you into alot of trouble and alot of fun. It was played on Cartalk on July 5th and 6th!!!! Joe Goldmark on pedal steel - wow! Doug Logan -rhythm guitar Peter Gillette -acoustic bass Peter Booras - drums
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Country - Bluegrass
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Kathy Moxham
2008 Kathy Moxham
April 05, 2008
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Story behind the song
This song has so many influences...I always wanted to write a song for Car Talk's Click and Clack, and my daughter is always saying..."sing a song about Axel!" (her boyfriend), so with all this in my head, I was in a coffee shop and I heard a swerve, skid and screech and thought "Axel" immediately and started writing the lyrics. To create the music, I took the music recording of "Ears Pierced Today" (which was recorded at Garth's with Peter, Peter and Doug) and chopped it up in ProTools to make the arrangement I needed G, C, D, etc... and then Garth recorded Joe Goldmark soloing on the pedal steel to "Drive" one night (Axel's mom was there to listen, too). Joe is amazing! After that, I finalized the vocals, and Doug mixed and mastered, and here we are!
[We're stuck at the junction - Petticoat Junction] Our axle needs straightening Our tires need rotating We are trying to be good girls not meander and roam but we find it hard to drive straight home Got trouble with the steering sometimes end up in a clearing Now a handsome tow truck driver calls us on the phone we were trying just to drive straight home Drive straight home drive straight home we want to come home straight to you oh, boy, we do try to come straight home no lie but the car is so untrue so we keep realigning ended up on an island stranded with a cute policeman we were all alone we were trying just to drive straight home Here's Uncle Joe... Drive straight home drive straight home that's all we want to do but then we start to veer into trouble [oh dear!] and run into someone new [sorry!] I'm calling a mechanic hope he's not too romantic cuz I tired of knocking over all these traffic cones we were trying just to drive straight home home we were trying just to drive straight home
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