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Krayzi'Wun (Diss) [Prod. By Real Talk Inc]
HipHop - Battles/Disses
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April 03, 2008
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Verse 1 : Yo me and you we aint never met and we aint never gonna meet unless you grow a dick you just pussy, motherfucker you aint really shit and wheres there's beef, you stay hungry you won't have a piece you too pussy, matterfact I'ma call you Hoe if I was natz I would have kicked you off the RC family a long time ago I mean what is Natz thinkin for keepin you the whole label gonna burn just by havin you you must be krayzi for thinkin you can fuck wit me but chu aint krayzi you retarted, there's a difference see I don't know why you named yourself the Krayzi'Wun when you look like a hippie, you just a Layzi'Bum sittin on my lazy boy thinkin what the fuck you got a tat of Ryu on your right arm damn you must be krayzi, you must be really high you must be seven, now daddy must be ashamed right Chorus 1 : Oh you oh so krayzi fuckin wit me you not a 'Street fighter', 'Street fighter' Oh you oh so krayzi fuckin wit me I'm about set it off, pass the gas and the lighter x2 Verse 2 : Verse Two yeah its gonna hurt im'a murder you then bury you deep in the dirt your mixtape is the weakest shit I ever heard I fell asleep to every beat, rhyme and every word now repay me for the hours that you took from me I demand an apology for every minute, every second that I listened to the D.A.G and now I comprehend what D.A.G really means it means you Dead And Gone, and now I see it so clear that was your last mixtape for your whole career and I agree you should put down the pad and pen and throw away that mic before you ever rap again and let us be free from that shit you call music its like a fuckin plague, the industry, you just polluted now I gotta wear a mask cause these wacky MC's don't understand, your shit stinks man leave that garbage in the trash can Chorus 2 : Damn your raps so wack man can't chu see you need a Ghost writer, Ghost writer Damn your raps so trash man can't chu see you needa Put it on fiyaah, On fiyaah x2