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The Killing Fields
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Morlica Chantu Long
March 29, 2008
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Story behind the song
The whole song is partially fiction, but in real life the Cambodian Holocaust was real. I remember reading about people getting drilled in camps and my mom once told me about the death of a woman she witnessed. That woman was holding a baby in her arms.
“The Killing Fields” 2008 MO-C LYRIKAL: Let me refresh your memory with a little history for your mind/ By taking a moment to rewind time back to Srok Khmer 1975/ It was a brand new year that began with many happy cheers/ That unexpectedly turned into a massacre of many innocent tears/ Just close your eyes and picture little Cambodian kids/ Beating on their own parents because they stole food to live/ Now picture those same little boys and girls holding real weapons/ Shooting the elderly and weak because a dictator brain-washed them/ Now picture a middle-aged woman holding her baby girl close/ Her body is trembling in fear from her shoulders to her bloody toes/ As she’s being pushed into a dark room, she begins to lose all hope/ She’s standing in front of a blank wall wishing she could disappear like a ghost/ So she wouldn’t have to feel the pain that she feels as she stands/ Her heart feels like a dog trapped in a cage because she’s a slave in her own land/ A Khmer Rouge soldier aggressively takes her daughter away from her hands/ He tells her, “this is what you deserve for stealing rice from that man”/ In tears she replies, “my child and I need food or else we won’t survive”/ He kicks her, “I don’t care,” pushes her body to the wall and yells, “now you will die!” She looks into her daughter’s eyes, says, “I love you,” then prays to the sky/ In just seconds, a drill drives through the wall into the back of her head/ The soldier throws the baby girl to the floor allowing her to witness the gruesome death/ The child was left there never to be fed and in just a few days found dead/ Just close your eyes and imagine bodies in the ground, bodies in the lake/ Bodies on the pathway because the true story had bodies lying all over the place/ When you see the real photos all you’ll see is evil and hate/ And how one race tried to obliterate its own kind by shedding blood on plates/ Just Google search the 1975 to 1979 Cambodian Holocaust/ The years that so many survivors were scarred and so many souls were lost/ So many lives were hanged, whipped, dragged, drowned, and brutally killed/ And maybe, just maybe after this you’ll know about the killing fields…