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I Have A Dream
The song is untitled for now because I have more verses that are part of this song, but it's too mixed up. For now I'll just let yall hear this much.
HipHop - Spoken Word
Previous peak charts position #110
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #25
Morlica Chantu Long
March 27, 2008
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1:48 minutes
Untitled Song 2008 MO-C LYRIKAL: I ain't Mr. King, but I carry my own suitcase of dreams and visions/ Like maybe one day my rhymes will have the power to make one stop and listen/ You see, nothing's impossible to achieve so each day I'll continue my dreaming/ That maybe one day the violence will dissipate and with it all the grieving/ If you take a look around I promise you'll see another unnecessary decision/ I ain't an activist, but I believe abortion's completely out of precision/ Rape should be the only exception for a woman to terminate her conception/ But if that ain't the case, you must take responsibility for your own actions/ Going under the knife to take a way a life ain't no where close to right/ I rather choose to pay any price just to keep an innocent soul in my sight/ Look, I ain't a politician, but if I could, I would create an election for change today/ I would do all I can to bring positive strength and obliterate the pain away/ I ain't here to judge President Bush, but damn, he's the worse and that's a fact/ He sends troops to Iraq only to ship them back in body bags/ Yet he ran away from the draft in the past, what hell is up with that?