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Right Here Waiting Remix
Podcasts - Poetry
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Morlica Chantu Long
March 26, 2008
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"Right Here Waiting Remix" 2008 MO-C LYRIKAL: I think it's about time that I stop trying to deny/ The feelings that I feel inside/ You see, if the truth be told/ You're my photosyntheisis/ Because you help me grow/ Like a seed turned into a flower/ You've made me beautiful/ And if I caught a disease/ You'd be my only miracle/ Cause you are my angel/ The only thing you missing/ Is the wings and halo/ So if I were to die now/ There'd be no reason for me to go to the sky/ Cause you are the heaven by my side/ But I know you've been facing obstacles in life/ So it makes it difficult to give love a try/ But just know I ain't trying to rush you and I/ I'll be here forever to help you battle with strife/ To help you thrive and most importantly/ I'll be right here waiting/ Till the day I can hold you tight... RICHARD MARX: Oceans apart, day after day/ And I slowly go insane/ I hear your voice, on the line/ But it doesn't stop the pain/ If I see you next to never/ How can we say forever/ Whereever you go/ Whatever you do/ I will be right here waiting for you/ Whatever it takes/ Or how my heart breaks/ I will be right here waiting for you...