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Rd.1 vs MC Shadow
Dead Sound Projekt
HipHop - Battles/Disses
Previous peak charts position #1,058
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #55
March 24, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
3:57 minutes
who in the fuck is this cat, that thinking hes raw im bout ya pound out his jaw till it comes out his back your a newbie with ya rymes and on this tourney is the only time ya names will ever be next to mine looking at ya pic, oh my god i was laughing, you a broad snapping pics of your self while your hat shopping, should of passed on that on fagit cuz the rainbow colored one in back of you better matches your rapping but i fuck it i rather make fun of your tracks and how you stretch words trying to hit the snare taps coming really fake man, so as soon as people hearing ya album its ending up in a soutern wasteland you looking like 100 pounds soak and wet couldnt fuck with me verbally or psycially id break ya damn neck ...and thats sworn truth, split ya gut your so frail and damn skinny that your nipples fucken touch i had nightmares when i saw your pics there haunting you looking like a wambats and a sewer rat offspring wanna beef then lets go if being a horrible at rapping was a crime youd be listed on death row....fucker beat switch mc shodow you dont really want it ya punchlines wack from smoking too much of that cronic better stop it, and find a new hobbie up in life cuz fucken with abyss, youll get boddied with a mic your better off sending ya message of too an adalescents cuz im the baddest contenter, thatll youll ever defend against your a looser with nerd sounds and like an armless dude at a bar son you aint passing the first round understand this frigen rap aint new to me your gonna fucken loose to me, newbie, better go reach puberty cuz the looseleafs i use get chewed quick and abused and viewed as some the sickest writtens ever ta bless a booth yup you talking about money but you broker than fuck your just another clown on the net, posing like you tough sucking at rap must be cost effective cuz in your pic you were shopping in the 20 percent off section you a ratty looking fagit, ill shave ya face with a ginsu and your girls pretty cute, but in a sense of a pitbull your mother should of been spade first, cuz after she gave birth to a gay twirp, she must of jumped of a building face first