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Hip Hop Symphony
Hip Hop meets symphonic music and smoothed out to mellow perfection. Relax and listen.
Instrumentals - Smooth
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March 23, 2008
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Story behind the song
Take note. Before any of todays artist were putting 'snaps' in their songs and claiming they invented the sound, I was using the 'fingersnap' sound in select tracks as early as 1999. I have the clients to prove it. Now it seems that 'snaps' have become more of the norm than just an experimental thing. Makes me wonder what the 'next' bandwagon people jump on is going to be. Anyway,... This tracks was originally composed on a piano in a nursing home dining room while I was waiting to pick up someone from work. It was months later before I actually took it to another level and decided to record it. Amazing what U can come with in your down time isn't it.
No lyrics. Just 'Gumbo Funk' at its finest.
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