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The Stripper Takes It Off
Parody of Abba's 'The Winner Takes It All'; a tribute to the great institution of strip clubs.
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Mike Gilliland
2008 Squirrelbait Parodies
March 22, 2008
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I don't pay to talk I just came to see a show Though it's costing me Twenty bucks you see I've drank all my beer I’m sure that she’s drunk too Nothing more today No more cash to pay The stripper takes it off The bouncer’s big and tough Beside the big brass pole She also bares her soul I was near the stage Getting a good view there I figured I was close Catching all her clothes Music’s nice and loud Touching’s not allowed, here You’ll be out the door If you try to score The girls may throw their bra The patrons stare in awe And somewhere way up stage Someone’s in a cage The stripper takes it off (takes it all off) Her breasts look nice and soft (nice and bouncy) She shaved it all down there (under where) Some guys like it bare (no pubic hair) But when she does her act The place is always packed Some guys get aroused Most are way too soused I will take a chance And get a table dance Loosen all those straps And wiggle on my lap The judges will decide (yes they decide) Which girls they really like (gets them most hard) Spectators of the show (drunken horndogs) Blowing all their dough (tens and twenties) Kandy is on again (Kandy is hot) I like the way she bends (like a pretzel) I just can’t get enough (no not enough) The stripper takes it off (takes it all off) I don't pay to talk I came to see them nude And she’ll never quit She’s come to shake her tits I apologize If I sound like a perv Boobs, buns, bush and thigh Now you can see why When you see The stripper take it off (la la la la) The stripper takes it off (la la la la) Yes the stripper Takes it all off See her shaking All of her stuff Skimpy G-strings Frilly lace things Girls and beer I’ll be back here
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