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Butterfly in an Acid Rainstorm
This song is about lots of things that would really really suck, a lot. Like not listening to this song, for instance.
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March 22, 2008
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Story behind the song
Well I was this butterfly my last lifetime, and as I was about to die in this freak acid rainstorm, my last thought was, if I'm a gay comedian in my next life, I'll write a song about this and a bunch of other things that would suck too.
THINGS THAT WOULD SUCK Chords: C, F, G (These are lyrics to a slightly different/newer version than the mp3) I wish I was a butterfly so I could fly and fly and fly Unless I was a butterfly in an acid rainstorm Cuz that would suck I wish I was a little cow so I could moo and moo and moo Unless I was a little cow who stepped in big cow poo Cuz that would suck I wish I was a deoderant stick Cuz then I'd smell really good Unless I was a deoderant stick Getting shoved under some fat guy's sweaty armpit Cuz that would stink, and that would suck And besides it's dark up there, and I'm afraid of the dark I wish I had a popsicle... so I could suck I wish I was a baby... but babies suck I wish I had a fatal disease and was going to die in three weeks But that would suck I wish I was a rock so I could sit and do absolutely nothing Though on second thought that'd be pretty boring I wish I had a rubix cube to turn and turn all day Unless my special rubix cube was too yakutakay I found that word on rhymezone.com and I don't know what it means, so I just used it as an adjective. I even looked it up in the dictionary and wikipedia and neither of them had an entry so I can only conclude it was a typo, if you don't believe me look it up yourself. I wish I was at a party with lots food music and cute guys and chicks and beer and strippers and drugs and orgies Unless I was at a party with lots food and cute guys and chicks and beer and strippers and drugs and orgies ...On the ninteenth level of hell Cuz the music would be country/western and the drugs would be half rat poison and the beer slightly watery and the female strippers would have penises, and so on And that would defeat the entire purpose of having a party I'm getting sick of singing now, my mind's all in a fog I wish instead of singing I was getting a blow job But that would suck! I wish I was a lot of things, but nothing involving hamsters Cuz I hate hamsters I mean they're cute and all but they're kinda squirmy. You pick 'em up and they squirm around and try to get down then if you drop them they die, and they run all over their own shit in those plastic balls they run in which is really unsanitary. I did have a hamster when I was a kid once, but it died. But I'm over that now. I mean, of course I'm over it, I'm a 28 year old adult, why wouldn't I get over the fact that we had to flush Fluffy down the toilet, instead of giving him a proper burial in the back yard like he wanted. We couldn't even have him cremated, cuz no, "that's too expensive for a hamster"... We had to flush him down the toilet like a piece of smelly shit. You flush stuff that comes out of your ass down the toilet, not Fluffy. Not Fluffy...