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Pipe Dreamz [Prod. By VTZ]
HipHop - Hip Hop General
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March 20, 2008
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Verse 1 : just a young man wit a pipe dream to be mainstream tryna make a livin out of spittin if you na mean blowin up like listerine, steady makin major green tryna reach the stars so im headin to the nasa team puttin work in the kitchen, makin tracks to perfection all I want is to be heard, the objective of my mission is not fame or the paparazzi if I can change a person wit my music then its all G a pipe dream, somethin thats unlikely to happen but I'll be happy wit myself If I can get the crowd clappin you know real luv, witout my dawgz I couldn't do dis cause aint nobody love me as much as they do, true shit and even though I may sound foolish I feel my sisters deep inside of me helpin me do dis its time to follow my dreams and make my own luck get out the mud patch cause im sick of being stuck Verse 2 : all to familiar wit the thug life strivin for a brighter day in the dark nights tryna unwind and make a man outta boy but that takes time the way things goin im wonderin if I'll ever see a change makin moves in this rap game, headin to my future cause my past is such a damn shame aint no joy in bein paranoid, watchin for the po po watchin all your words, time after time and rhyme after rhyme I'm spittin for my peoples cause I think it's bout time that someone took a stand and said it for the streets since aint nobody doin it, I guess its on me familiarize the people with whats really goin on and show em it aint easy wit the struggles we facin inside a broken home and dont dare say we lazy cause pushin weight for that money would a weak man crazy Verse 3 : The winter sun glarin down upon my face thinkin will it keep me warm when it starts to rain its hard to keep a smile on when you livin broke while you out there workin my ass be stayin home tryna get my hustle on and thicken up my stacks do wateva for the money even if it means to slang smack that's reality, aint no fairytale you think im frontin to be hard but I keep it real the picture perfect lifestyle is a dream of mine wishin to be free and succeed in this wicked life my homies done did years for a petty crime dont wanna do the same so im tryna keep my life in a straight line but how can I proceed to live happily If i dont got the things I need can you tell me G its all to complicated, so I just take it as it comes day by day beneath the warmth of the winter sun, my pipe dreamz
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