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One More Reason
Mike Shelton contributes some sweet D tuning dobro and plays rhythm on his Martin. Thanks buddy - Mark Wilson on bass and vocals
Country - Traditional Country
Charts #332 in subgenre today (peak #4)
Previous peak charts position #24
2008 by MarkWilson
March 20, 2008
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4:09 minutes
Story behind the song
OneMoreReason began as a song about not reaching out to accomplish the dreams you may have had for years. I couldn't find the words to express it literally but used the simile of someone who never leaves the comfort of the small town he grew up in... and later regrets that he never saw all the things he once dreamed he might. Anyway... thanks for the listen!
One More Reason © 2008 by MarkWilson Spent my whole life in a small town And I can’t remember why I didn’t leave All the things I never saw just one more reason To take a chance and find a place where I can breathe I might go west to Colorado And look down from the edge of a canyon wide If it’s a hole there like the one I’m feeling Maybe I can see to the other side Chorus I’ve got to leave this small town while I’m living If I stay I’ll only just survive These four walls are closing in around me I’ve got to breathe before I die I might go north to Carolina Those Smokey Mountains always seemed just fine Take a deep breath of sweet forgiveness Rest my soul beneath those ancient pines I might go south to Louisiana To walk the streets of that old city by the sea See that mighty river flowing Let the music wash over me Chorus
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