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Cold Wind
This song may or may not be BlueGrass but ya' got to list it somewhere so... John Boulding on banjo...sweet -- MarkWilson on bass, guitar, and vocals -- Mike Shelton on rhythm guitar
Country - Bluegrass
Charts #190 in subgenre today (peak #6)
Previous peak charts position #46
2008 by MarkWilson
March 20, 2008
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4:09 minutes
Story behind the song
John Boulding graciously accepted Mike's request to put some banjo with this recording. Basically, I wanted some fill to work Mike's dobro in and around. We carried the multitrack up to John's house and he put down two tracks after a listen to the demo. His two tracks remain separated left/right - I only cut a few spots that were busy. IMO, this guy is as creative and tasteful a musician as I've heard play banjo and I'm very lucky to have him on this recording. BTW - he gives banjo, dobro, guitar lessions online if interested. I'll get the link and put it here if interested. He taught Mike dobro. hmmm... not bad
Cold Wind © 2008 by MarkWilson Well you can sure get lost in the feeling when the fire goes down It’ll turn your head when you feel that cold wind blow I saw the fire and I felt you slip away I turned my head to watch you as you're going... away Chorus Take your time… darling don’t you hurry If you change your mind… darling don’t you worry If a cold wind, blows you back again Some old cold wind Blows you back around this time Tomorrow comes and the past just fade to grey Some change and some just run away I'm better now because of you That’s why I know just what to do… this time Chorus [break] Bridge She didn’t know that it was showing I could always tell when she’s going… away Chorus
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