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Everything I Am is Now Everything I Was
A track from the first album, 'Decade Dismantle.'
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Electronic - Industrial
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March 19, 2008
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Everything that blends alas All the crops that turned too fast Shortened stains of every miss Ended all the love in past Count the strain of even tides All the countless little lies And single out the times that we Turned a petal to the sky All the little tourniquets All the little pieces of Everything I never knew Elapsed in perforate Cut down to be prostrate Ripped out and stuffed back in Constant terror strain Born inside to never win Suck me out and place me there Where my wife could once care So I can disintegrate Smile again and turn the face Where I smell vanilla bean And hives rape inside of me When my paper shreds like you Cos all the wasps are tearing through Burn my throat inside of here My dearest deadest dear Mouth on cock and swallow down Every dead drop left around Everything I never knew And all the things you�d never do And all the things never true Escaped the hell of fucking you
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