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The New Life
Pop - Pop Rock
Previous peak charts position #567
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #118
Michael Sanders
2007 Strike Four
March 18, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
3:42 minutes
Story behind the song
In the past I've been so quick to judge people and look down on them for their sin. Such a thing is truly hypocritical.
Heavy hearted for them all Watch them stumble, watch them fall Never see the scum that I've become Picking every single nit Always prepared to throw a fit Judging all before number one Take my hate and take my lies Help me see them through Your eyes Make me better than I am And give me courage to make a stand The salvation alibi Gives me cause to always try To point out the problems that they cause I get myself into this Blame the devil, then dismiss Any possibility of my responsibility Maybe I was wrong Maybe I'm not strong Maybe I'm too quick to condemn And maybe I am worse than them Give me a sense of humility Open my eyes and let me see My attitude should be like Yours Close my pride and You open the doors I never want to be this way again I'll start anew, I'll make amends My selfishness, it ends today My arrogance is gone away I've fallen much harder Than ever before I ran away You showed me a better way
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