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Colorado And New Mexico
Pop - Pop Rock
Previous peak charts position #559
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #126
Michael Sanders
2007 Strike Four
March 18, 2008
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128 kbps bitrate
3:52 minutes
Story behind the song
Inspired by a conversation I had with a girl.
It's nice to have a fantasy A conversation brings to mind All these new possibilities A once in a lifetime chance to find Things we've never seen before That light our eyes and swell our hearts That take us from this mundane world And boldly set us apart So let's take the Malibu Or Focus, I don't care Let's fill the tank to overflowing And take off to anywhere And we'll drive To Colorado We'll drive To New Mexico And we'll drive We'll escape these stagnant Towns that spoil heart and soul We'll drive To renew our minds We'll drive until we find This drive has given us A freedom we can call our own What's left on my checking a credit card I think should get us pretty far And you've got your settlements From your past car accidents I'll put in my two weeks notice You throw off your cap and gown We'll pack some clothes and necesseties And leave the dust of these familiar towns This wreckless abandon That's been pent up inside Will bring new horizons And light up our dark skies Gas down to the floor Let's go and explore Gas down to the floor Let's go and explore
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